New! Lodestar Mentoring Services

Professional Mentoring for Individuals and Teams

Lodestar Mentoring Australia - Launching November 2018


Why Lodestar? A Lodestar is a star that leads or guides.


Does this sound familiar?


You have “inherited” the important tasks of quality management, risk management and/or compliance…. but where do you start?


Or you already have years of knowledge and experience in these areas, but need a sounding board or perhaps a different perspective so that you continue to learn... so you can stay engaged, motivated and positive in your work.


Maybe I can help. Lodestar Mentoring Australia is my new service. It offers one on one peer mentoring remotely (via Skype or phone) or in person to support you to learn and practice new skills relating to quality, risk management and/or compliance.


This service is not a coaching service – peer mentoring is a two-way learning experience. I am focused on helping my peers improve their skills, knowledge and practice in practical and positive ways, and building on my learning and experience at the same time.  


To find out more please contact me to book a 15 minute free phone introductory session.

Accreditation readiness reviews and audits for aged care and disability services
Board, Management and team education sessions and workshops
Business development – business research and community consultation support for new services and developments including Aged Care Approvals Round.
Governance system advice and support – Quality, Risk Management, Compliance and Audit
Incident investigation and post event review
Policy framework review and development
Corporate speaking/roundtable events and organisational professional development days

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