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Do You Need a Guiding Light to Navigate Your Corporate and Clinical Governance Responsibilities?


I’m here to guide you along the pathway of success so your organisation can thrive.

When you are in the middle of disruption and transformation, it can be difficult to navigate the path to meaningful and sustainable change.

That’s where I come in. I act as an intermediatory who provides an objective view of where your organisation sits on the pathway to success, and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

I’m an experienced, bespoke consultancy who is committed to growing the capacity and capability of people and systems. When you work with me you are obtaining my direct support and advice. Together, we can strengthen the governance across Health and Human Services to move beyond compliance to excellence.

I also apply this experience and knowledge to the governance system challenges of small and medium Australian businesses who work with government, health and human services.  

Facilitated and Self  Directed Learning

As you know, running an organisation requires accountability and forward thinking.

As a specialist in corporate and clinical governance, I can help you integrate governance systems and thinking into your organisation and advise how relevant governance frameworks apply to your industry.

I also draw upon my practitioner experience and diverse background within the health and human services – working across and within multiple levels of organisations – to translate and simplify what good governance practice looks like for your business.


Do you need guidance with

  • How to be proactive with your quality and safety systems?

  • How to plan for success?

  • How to meet current and future regulatory requirements?

  • How to prepare for and recognise opportunities?

  • How to act upon growth opportunities?

If yes, then I’m here to guide your organisation by increasing your employees’ confidence and capabilities while reducing the stress of navigating corporate and clinical governance systems.

Whether it is for boards, executives, managers, leaders, or direct care and service teams, I offer services to ensure your organisation can function efficiently and identify opportunities for change and improvement.



Increase your employees’ confidence and capabilities through facilitated or self-directed learning. I offer tailored live workshops to meet your team’s needs and self-directed learning packages.

It’s important to recognise risk and support your organisation to develop a sustainable action plan. I provide bespoke system reviews to assess compliance and alignment with best practice in your industry using on-site and/or remote methods.

Development research and grant applications are exciting. However, funders need to know their finance will be in safe hands with your organisation, and used well to achieve good outcomes for consumers, business and the community. Sometimes you need help you present your information well to support your case and address all governance funding criteria. I can guide your business through the process.

Self Learning
Business Development
System Review

With a diverse skill set and experience in a variety of areas, I have guided businesses and non-for-profit organisations in New South Wales and Queensland through strengthening their governance and achieving their best outcomes for over 20 years.


The best part about working with me? You gain direct access to my knowledge, experience, support and advice. No jumping through hoops (or other people) to reach me – I’m just an email or phone call away!

Book a free introductory call to discuss how I can guide your business towards the pathway of corporate and clinical governance success.


How I can help you

  • NDIS Compliance Reviews

  • Corporate and Clinical Governance  frameworks for Aged Care and NDIS.

  • Incident Management Frameworks

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Change Management

  • Focused Audits and Reviews

  • Capacity Building for Quality and Risk teams


" I'm so grateful Donna for your calm and extensive support with our new clinical governance framework. You supported us with our end goals in mind in an incredibly tight deadline. A true value-add! Thanks so much! "

Martha, Executive General Manager, NDIS and Community Services Provider, NSW 

“ Donna has a deep understanding of the aged care sector and quality, risk and clinical governance systems. She shares her knowledge and insights and collaborates with managers and staff to build capacity which enables your organisation to move forward with renewed confidence.”

Helen, Aged Care Community Manager, Regional Aged Care Provider

“ I can vouch for Donna’s work as a recent client – high integrity, impeccable professionalism, and actionable insight.”

Deputy CEO – Regional Retirement Living Provider

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