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Do You Need Help Identifying New Business Opportunities or Preparing Grant Applications?

Reduce your stress and save time by working with me.

Identifying new growth opportunities is exciting for businesses; however, sometimes you need a guiding light to help you along the correct path.

I assist businesses like yours by handling the time-consuming tasks and presenting you with the information you need to aid the decision-making process. This can be in the form of researching opportunities for service and/or business growth, undertaking demographic analysis, and initiating local stakeholder engagement.

In addition to research, I also assist with the preparation of grant applications using a project management approach.
As you are aware, funders require information not only about how you will spend the money but how they can trust that their funding is in safe hands – and will achieve good outcomes for your consumers, your organisation, and the industry in general.


I will work with your team to interpret the grant requirements and consolidate the information required to support a strong application. This process will help your business develop the foundation documents required for future grant applications to ensure a simpler process when such opportunities arise again.

Business grants and business development research can be challenging but having a guiding light can smooth your passage to success.


If you need a guide for business development research or to navigate the grants application process, book a FREE introductory call with me.

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