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 Your Guide to Corporate and Clinical Governance Success

Every business needs a guiding light to help keep them on the correct path.

Company Profile

A photo of Donna Dark sitting on a black leather lounge with a plant on the table in front of her. She is smiling.

Hi there!

I’m Donna Dark – your guiding light for corporate and clinical governance in Human and Health Services and the Small-Medium Enterprise sector.

But what does that mean for you?

As a bespoke consultancy, I personally guide businesses like yours through the intricacies of developing systems, policies, and frameworks for effective and efficient governance.

The key to governance success is everyone on your team understands their roles and responsibilities – where they fit and how they relate – on a day-to-day basis as well as in the long term. By increasing your team’s confidence and capabilities, you can operate more efficiently, improve accountability and achieve your purpose with minimal ship-sinking icebergs along the journey.   

My goal is to help your business reach a better place, so you can self-monitor, identify and act on governance issues independently… All while steering the ship in the right direction!

A woman (Donna) is sitting at a bench seat facing another woman who has her back to the camera. Donna is smiling and holding a pen.

This is why I offer facilitated learning through tailored workshops on a range of governance topics to assist your teams improve their performance and prepare them for the future.


I also offer system policy reviews to help you recognise risk, highlight achievements, and formulate an appropriate action plan.


For businesses who need assistance undertaking research or preparing grant applications, I provide business development research to smooth the current towards the right path.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate and Clinical Governance

  • Process Improvement

  • Policy Development

  • Quality Management

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Change Management

Core Services I Offer

  • Tailored audits and reviews for organisations that want to move from compliance to excellence

  • Creation of customised policy frameworks that are easy to maintain

  • Mentoring managers and leaders to improve their governance skills and knowledge

  • Business research projects to support you assess and maximise new business opportunities

  • Project planning

Do you need assistance with a system review, developing a governance framework, providing a learning opportunity for your team, or business development research?


Book a FREE introductory call with me!

So how did I become a guiding light for businesses like yours?


While I currently assist aged care, disability, and primary health providers as a specialist consultant, I previously worked within the health and human services in a variety of roles.

I started my career as an allied health professional in the areas of brain injury respite and residential aged care, and later worked as a Care Coordinator on the first National COAG Trial of aged care community care coordination. Following my Master of Business Administration, I applied my interest in quality management and risk management to the residential aged care sector as it underwent its initial reform and first national accreditation program in the early 2000s.

After working as a quality and risk manager, I held governance related senior management roles within large aged care organisations and retirement living providers to implement systems and transfer knowledge across strategic, tactical, and local levels.


This provided me with experience in key governance areas such as internal audit, risk management, critical incident investigation, policy governance, business continuity, record management, and general insurance for organisations operating in New South Wales, ACT and Queensland.

As a specialist consultant I have assisted businesses with a variety of projects, such as

  • Corporate and clinical governance workshops

  • Clinical and corporate framework development

  • Research and stakeholder engagement for funding opportunities

  • Policy governance framework development

  • Bespoke reviews to support aged care, retirement living and disability accreditation

  • NDIS Compliance Reviews (as an independent consultant)

  • Development and execution of transition plans for residential care acquisitions

  • High risk incident investigations

Do you need help navigating your governance roles and responsibilities? Book a free introductory call with me!  

Qualifications & Professional Development


  • Bachelor of Science
    (Human Movement Science)

  • Certificate IV Human Resources Management

  • Master of Business Administration (with Merit)

  • Graduate Diploma
    (Occupational Health and Safety)

  • Advanced Diploma Governance, Risk and Compliance (completing)

  • Master of Business
    (Research Coursework)

Memberships & Affiliations


  • Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA)

  • Institute of Internal Auditors Australia

  • Governance Institute of Australia - Fellow

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